"It empowers women to have autonomy over their own gynecological well-being and treats just about every problem known to gynecology. It's also a very effective prevention tool. It's the ultimate survival guide to being a woman." - Keli Garza

Vaginal Steaming is an ancient healing practice for women. It is a very gentle process that uses warm steam from herb infused water. 


Vaginal Steaming is also known as Yoni Steaming because it is more than simply the vagina and external organs that benefit from the steam. In Sanskrit, Yoni is known as “sacred temple” or pathway, a place to access our wisdom, and our power. 

The Yoni Steam provides non invasive treatment for purification and release. Steaming helps women to purify their core and release energy and emotions they no longer wish to hold in their wombs.

Vaginal Steaming can help with:

- painful periods

- cycles that are too long/short

- missing periods

- spotting

- irregular discharge

- bacterial infections

- painful intercourse

- trying to conceive

- post partum recovery

What happens in a Vaginal Steaming consultation?

During a Vaginal Steaming consultation we will discuss your menstrual cycle in depth to find the most suitable herbs and steaming set-up for your constitution.

After each session you will receive an individual steaming plan, herbs for three steams, and tips on how to steam at home.

Duration: 60min initial consultation  + 15min follow-up

Investment: €90 incl. herbs for three steams 

/ €80 without herbs

Where: at your home, online or my practice space

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